Ceduna's completed weather radar upgrade to benefit community

UPGRADE: The upgrade to the Ceduna weather radar is now complete. Photo: Luca Cetta
UPGRADE: The upgrade to the Ceduna weather radar is now complete. Photo: Luca Cetta

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has announced the upgrade to Ceduna's weather station is complete, allowing farmers and residents to access more reliable and up-to-date weather information.

A new digital receiver and control system for the Ceduna radar had been installed over the past two months, with the work completed on schedule.

BOM spokesperson Cindy Cassidy said the improvements to the radar would benefit the community, including those working in agriculture, aviation, resources and tourism.

"Weather information is incredibly important for local residents, farmers and industries as well as for tourists visiting the region," she said.

"As a result of the upgrade, the Ceduna radar will show more accurate rain images and have a greater ability to track winds, detect tornadoes and monitor intense rainfall during storms."

The new data will also help emergency services make more informed decisions to keep the community safe.

"Bushfires can be devastating for regional communities," she said.

"The new technology in the Ceduna radar will make us more aware of fire-generated thunderstorms and show the height of fire plumes."

The BOM's manager of hazard preparedness and response for South Australia Phil Perkins said in March the project would upgrade "outdated" technology.

He said the new radar would also include Doppler Technology, in line with what was on offer in Adelaide.

Images from the radar can now be seen on the BOM website and on the BOM Weather app.

The upgrade is part of the federal government's project to upgrade or replace the Bureau's entire radar network by June 2024.