Port Neill musician Brook Newton to bring live music to Coffin Bay community at free event

Coffin Bay locals are coming together this weekend to support local artists following the impact COVID-19 has had on the entertainment industry.

After live music at a private function at the Coffin Bay Yacht Club in January was heard across the bay, locals on the Coffin Bay community Facebook page began inquiring about a live music event.

Self-described "philanthropic type" and journalist Ian Doyle helped to get the project underway, which was dubbed Live at Coffin Bay.

The first event featuring local band Liquid Lunch drew a crowd of 200 people on Anzac Day this year, and the second live gig featuring Port Neill artist Brook Newton will go ahead this Sunday, June 13.

The yacht club will host and offer bar and catering services, with oysters and hot wedges on the menu.

Mr Doyle said philanthropists wanted to create a free event, cover the costs of paid live music sets for local artists and invite local community groups to raise money.

"We are going to do ... probably five or six a year to do something about engaging the local musos and talent on the Eyre Peninsula, giving them a gig and a live audience and being paid for their exercise," Mr Doyle said.

"It is just a genuine attempt at a community-based activity which I think has the potential ... to change the way people think about what they can do for the local community."

Yacht club committee member Brenton Willhelm said it was a win-win for everyone involved.

"It is a great opportunity for people to enjoy the talents of Eyre Peninsula musicians, support local community groups and enjoy a great afternoon," he said.

Mr Doyle also said that "philanthropically we win because we get to support local musicians". "Bring a blanket, your beanie, and a chair to sit on and have the time of your life," he said.

Live at Coffin Bay featuring Brook Newton runs from 3-6pm this Sunday at the Coffin Bay Yacht Club.