AFP operation arrests 40 people in South Australia including one man from Boston, Port Lincoln

A man from Boston has been arrested in connection to the Australian Federal Police's crackdown on organised crime yesterday.

4,000 members from the AFP and state and territory police were involved in the execution of hundreds of warrants since Monday June 7, under Operation Ironside, a covert operation.

The operation has led to the arrest of 224 offenders on 526 charges in every mainland Australian state.

In South Australia, the Serious and Organised Crime Branch led 460 SAPOL personnel to search 80 premises, resulting in 40 arrests.

Of the arrests included a 34-year-old man from Boston, who was charged with the possession of prescription medication and unlawful possession and will appear in the Port Lincoln Magistrates Court.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Harvey said Operation Ironside resulted in the largest volume of arrests for serious and organised crime offences ever seen in this state.

"This complex, long standing investigation has struck a blow to the foundations of organised crime in South Australia.," he said.

"We anticipate that the void in criminal hierarchy and control will be quickly filled as other criminals seek to assume control of lucrative drug and other illegal enterprises.

"It is however just as important to understand that SAPOL, and all other enforcement agencies law and partners are also ready to continue the fight and keep the community safe.

"Can I thank and praise the many law enforcement personnel who have been involved in this extraordinary operation who have put in many hours of dedicated and committed time to ensure that these investigations have resulted in such an unprecedented and outstanding success."

Several items were siezed in Monday's raids and included $11.186 million in property, $1.843m in cash and $1.6m in bank accounts, as well as jewellery, wine, watches, and 67 vehicles worth about $3 million.

A full list of offenders from South Australia arrested as part of the operation can be found at