Port Lincoln dump fees up nearly 26 per cent

Concern on dump fee rise

Concern has been raised about the increase in the fee to transport rubbish to the Port Lincoln Waste Landfill and the resulting cost on waste collection.

In its draft annual business plan, Port Lincoln City Council has increased the fee for transporting refuse to landfill to $205/tonne, up from $163/tonne the previous financial year.

Doug McConnell, of FM Waste Removal, has operated in Port Lincoln for nearly 40 years and said this increase of nearly 26 per cent would result in a reasonably large pay rise he would have to pass on to his customers.

"I have got to put my prices up just to cover the costs," he said.

"I had gone from giving away $240,000 per year, now it's going to be $300,000, I've got to pass it on to my customers."

Mr McConnell said the council should have communicated this increase better to the wider community as it was a sizeable rise that people should know about.

Council chief executive officer Matthew Morgan said the review process of fees was impacted by several factors, including fees and charges set by federal and state government authorities.

He said a significant portion of fees the council charged were impacted by the levy it paid to the Environmental Protection Authority.

"In the 2018-19 financial year the EPA increased their fees to council by 18.39 per cent and an additional two rate rises in 2019/20," he said.

"These increases were 6.8 per cent at the start of the financial year and then up to 27.27 per cent in the second half of the 2019/20 financial year.

"During that same period council has increased the fees by 2.34 per cent in 2018/19 and at the start of 2019/20 by 14.5 per cent, and we did not increase our fees in the second half of the financial year to align with the EPA levy."

Mr Morgan said council wanted to try to keep fees and charges as low as possible without impacting quality of the services, but it accepted there were some elements outside of its control or influence.