Port Lincoln police warn of cyber crime rise

Cyber crime reports increase in Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln police are warning people to be vigilant against online scammers after receiving several reports of incidents in the area.

Police say between Friday, June 11 and Saturday, June 12 a man claiming to be working for Telstra told a victim their account had been hacked and they needed to download software.

The caller was then able to access the victim's bank account and stole a large sum of money.

Police also report that on Tuesday, June 15 a man claiming to work for NBN Co similarly instructed a victim to download software onto their computer, which was then used to access their bank account and a large amount of money was stolen.

These are among several deception offences in the area recently, where scammers have contacted individuals requesting them to allow remote access to their computers or to download software, allong them to transfer large amounts of money from the victim's bank account to overseas accounts.

SAPOL encourages people not to download any software or apps they are unfamiliar with, and especially never at the direction of someone over the phone.

People area also reminded to always protect personal information such as bank account details and remain vigilant with phone calls or emails.

People can find out more about scam threats by visiting www.police.sa.gov.au/scams, or on Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's ScamWatch website.