Port Lincoln Times Flashback Friday: 1982 | GALLERY

It's not quite July yet, but today we are going back to July, 1982 as part of this week's Port Lincoln Times Flashback Friday gallery.

Each week we showcase photos that appeared in the pages of the Port Lincoln Times from throughout one month of a selected year.

This week we are featuring more than 170 photos that featured in the pages of the Port Lincoln Times throughout July, 1982.

Can you recognise anyone from this week's gallery?


Fans of the morning show 'Today' on Channel Nine would be interested to know it debuted on Australian screens in 1982 as 'National News Today'.

After being in the Victorian Football League since its inception in 1897, South Melbourne made the move to Sydney.

The world watched as the United Kingdom and Argentina fought over the Falkland Islands while in July Italy defeated West Germany 3-1 to claim the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain.

NOTE: This gallery may contain images of deceased Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons and may cause distress to those communities.

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