Lower Eyre Council to trial kerbside recycling collection

Council to trial kerbside recycling

Kerbside recycling collection may soon become a reality for Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council residents with a trial to take place in major townships in the next financial year.

At its meeting on June 18, the council approved to investigate the option to trial fortnightly kerbside collection in Boston, Coffin Bay, Cummins, Louth Bay, North Shields, Poonindie, Tiatukia and Tulka to begin as soon as possible in the 2021/22 financial year.

A service charge of between $150 and $180 is expected for residents within those townships to cover the cost of the trial service.

Council is not able to impose a service charge that applied to a selected group of residents without prior consultation through the budget process.

Submissions on the draft budget for 2021/22 were to close on July 1 but will now close on Wednesday, July 14 and all submissions will be considered at a meeting on July 16.

Mayor Jo-Anne Quigley said the council felt it was time to move forward with providing a recycling collection service and was determined to find the best solution for the district.

"We know it will be challenging, but we're willing to work with the contractor to make this happen," she said.

Deputy mayor Peter Mitchell expressed his support to see the trial happen sooner rather than later and said residents had waited long enough and council needed to "bite the bullet" to make recycling collection a reality.

The council is expected to adopt its 2021/22 Annual Business Plan and Budget at a special meeting on July 30.

The draft plan and budget is available for viewing on the council's website.

A survey on kerbside recycling is also available for residents in the listed areas to fill out at www.surveymonkey.com/r/SD73Y5G.

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