Annabel Crabb talks with movers and shakers in our political sphere and exposes their struggles in ABC TV's Ms Represented

Savvy women: Host Annabel Crabb talks with smart women in politics about how long it has taken to get attitudes changed and how much more needs to be done. Photo: supplied by ABC TV.

Savvy women: Host Annabel Crabb talks with smart women in politics about how long it has taken to get attitudes changed and how much more needs to be done. Photo: supplied by ABC TV.

Ms Represented with Annabel Crabb

Premieres Tuesday, July 13, 8pm, ABC TV/ABC iview

One hundred years after Australia elected its very first female parliamentarian, Annabel Crabb presents Ms Represented, a raw and honest account of politics from the female perspective. The four-part series will premiere on Tuesday, July 13, at 8pm on ABC TV, with all episodes available to binge on ABC iview.

Powered by intense interviews with an unprecedented cast of female "firsts", Crabb investigates the experience of women in Parliament, from early struggles for the most basic of facilities to the persistent problems of harassment that plague the system to this day.

"Australia was the first independent nation in the world where women could both vote and run for Parliament," says Crabb. "But it took us a long time to actually elect any women, and when we did, we expected them to fit into the system that was already there.

"The struggle of female parliamentarians to be heard, to be respected, and to prosper in our federal Parliament is a thrilling and inspiring one, full of extraordinary stories that our cast tell with grace, humour and the deep authority of experience. This is not ancient history. Many women who are "firsts" in politics are still actually in parliament. The first Indigenous woman in the House of Representatives was born into a country where her father's people still could not enrol to vote.

"The story of women in parliament is a living, changing thing. In Ms Represented, we've captured a draft of it."

Ms Represented ranges across four episodes visiting key events, like the 1894 South Australian parliamentary vote in which a strategic blunder gave SA women not only the right to vote, but the right to stand for parliament too - a world first.

Or the secret deal cut by male legislators in 1996 that barred women from accessing the abortion drug RU486 for nearly a decade, before it was undone by an unprecedented cross-party grouping of women. Or the tense battle behind the passage of the Sex Discrimination Act in 1984.

But the heart of the series is the women themselves. Proud, angry, determined, sad, hilarious; they speak about their lives in politics with rare candour.

Accompanying the series is a companion podcast hosted by Annabel and comedian Steph Tisdell.

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