Lock Get Up and Goers enjoy outing at Sheridans

The Lock Get Up and Goers Group enjoyed the outstanding hospitality of Terry and Toni Sheridan, at their Tooligie Hill home last month.

Mrs Sheridan gave a detailed and very interesting demonstration of the art of making pasta, which was the staple diet in her childhood, living in Orsara di Puglia in the south of Italy.

She recalled a lot of cooking was done by her mother, as wives and mothers did to provide for their families, some families were poor living in areas.of the country.

Mrs Sheridan spoke of her early years as she worked the pasta dough and then demonstrated the many shapes which could be made.

Everyone moved outdoors to partake in a tasty lunch, provided by the hosts.

Mr Sheridan showed his expertise, cooking in his wood fire oven, pizzas of many flavours which had been prepared by Mrs Sheridan. These were sampled as well as pasta, followed by sweets.

During the day Mr Sheridan proudly showed the visitors his recently restored sedan, a Holden Kingswood HQ, one of several of his pride possessions, mostly previously owned by former residents of the district.

After all had enjoyed a chat, volunteer coordinator Anne Siviour extended the group's thanks to Mr and Mrs Sheridan for hosting the day in their usual capable way and all the work they do, which has become an annual event and one which everyone looks forward to, and presented them with a gift of appreciation.

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