Sophie Monk hosts Beauty and the Geek and says 'It's one of the most beautiful, genuine casts I've ever worked with'

Blonde beauty Sophie Monk says she has "never been the cool girl".

"Even when I would try it just didn't pan out," the 41-year-old says. "I wasn't good at school so I was class clown. I was cheeky and mostly did it to entertain myself.

"I went through puberty really early and I gained weight, so I stopped doing sport, had pimples. I was chubby and felt self conscious, really right up until I went on reality shows.

The former member of girl group Bardot and 2017 Bachelorette paints a picture most may find hard to fathom.

But Monk says it gave her insight into how the geeks felt when first meeting the beauties on Nine's Beauty and the Geek, which returns to our screens after six years, with Monk as the new host.

"It's such a lovely show," Monk says. "No one's going to look bad. It's one of the most beautiful, genuine casts I've ever worked with. There are no negatives. We see them [cast members] stepping outside their comfort zones, but there's no pressure on romance. If it doesn't happen they are fine with it because it's just what they signed up for."

Monk says almost everyone knows what it's like to be unlucky in love, and you have to admire the beauties and geeks for trying something different.

Engaged to neurosurgical robotics consultant Joshua Gross, whom she met on the plane returning from her hosting job on Love Island, Monk admits she sometimes has no idea what he is talking about.

"But being a geek doesn't mean you are not attractive. These guys have different priorities. They are locked in their rooms playing computer games so self confidence for them is low. Opposites can attract, even in different social circles."

Although she wouldn't say if she had a favourite among the geeks, she did say one was "a positive ray of sunshine", adding "but they're all adorable".

Beauty and the Geek premiered Sunday, July 11, at 7pm and continues Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9NOW on demand.