This season of speed dating on steroids show The Bachelor sees action man and pilot Jimmy taken off the single list

High flying bachelor sweeps bachelorettes of their feet

With an uncle and grandfather who were pilots and his dad having a private licence, it seems this season's The Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson was destined to be a high flyer.

The 31-year-old Jetstar first officer aspires to a long career like his uncle who was a jet captain on Royal Brunei Airlines and flew a simulator alongside the Sultan.

"I've always been around aircraft and I kind of knew from a young age I wanted to fly."

His first flight was at age 12, and he started training at 20. Since then he has racked up "about 4000 hours in the seat".

So why hasn't this handsome, adventurous, fit young man been snapped up before now?

"I've met some amazing people. I've been in two long-term relationships and then I had two years of single life, experiencing the freedom and the lonely nights. I didn't want to get into a relationship again until I was ready."

Then, nine months ago, Jimmy says he had gotten over his ex-girlfriend and "done all the important things" he wanted to do, when he was asked to be The Bachelor.

"I was ready to meet someone when I was approached. It was a mixture of timing and although I haven't watched too much of it [the show], I thought to myself maybe this is meant to be."

Jimmy says it was "quite hard to get out of the mindset you are dating multiple women, and worrying about everyone's emotions". But when the camera stopped rolling he was able to spend more time to get to know the ladies.

"You have to have that attraction, but you want a nice person to have fun with, and who your friends and family will like."

Can you pick the lucky lady Jimmy happily admits has captured his heart?