Editing a focus at Port Lincoln Camera Club

The latest meeting of the Port Lincoln Camera Club on Monday, June 24 saw three visitors in attendance, who then joined at the end of the meeting.

After everybody was welcomed to the meeting they were advised that the recent Photographic Exhibition at The Beer Garden had been a success, with many people commenting on the quality of the photographs, and thanks go to those who contributed.

It was then on to the main part of the meeting, with the first session being the judge's comments.

Photographs are sent to a different country judge each month to score the photos and make useful comments on how they may be improved - mainly by cropping differently, taking the shot from a different angle, using a different aperture or shutter speed, or applying subtle editing techniques.

In the Set subject, which was 'weather', first place went to Peg McAvaney for 'Out of the fog', while second place was taken by Janine Waters for 'Calm and stormy weather'.

Merits were awarded to Ms McAvaney for 'Poplars in the mist', Ms Waters' 'Fog in the morning' and 'The storm that stopped the state' by Bazz Hockaday.

The Special subject was 'creative/experimental' and Mr Hockaday took first place with 'Sand dune sculptures', ahead of Jan Hetherington in second for 'View through the glass tile' and Fran Solly with 'Eagle view'.

Mr Hockaday took first place in the Open subject with 'Evidence of life', ahead of Ms McAvaney's 'Broken brolly' and Ms Solly with 'Don' in third.

After a short break for supper, Hamish gave a short presentation on astro photography, demonstrating the use of shutter speeds in this field, which included a short video. This presentation was interesting and informative.

Ms Solly then went on to present her tutorial.

Using the photographs that had just been judged, she did some of the editing suggested by the judge and showed those in attendance a before and after, which was an interesting exercise.

Ms Solly then went on to talk about the relationship between focus, aperture and depth of field.

She had brought along a few tinned goods and lined them up, asking people to shoot on different apertures, focussing on the same spot each time, and then to check out the different depths of fields - such as how much of the photograph was in focus.

These hands-on demonstrations certainly help new photographers understand the meaning of various photographic terms in a practical way.

The Port Lincoln Camera Club's next meeting is Monday, July 26 at the Senior Citizens Hall, at 6.45pm for a 7pm start.

The Set subject for July is 'water droplets' and the Special subject is 'macro/close up', in addition to the Open subject.

Please bring along your camera and camera manual for Ms Solly's sessions.

If anyone has something they wish to see explained or demonstrated, please let a committee member know.

Visitors are especially welcome to the meeting.