Jamar Building Services celebrates 10 years in business

Meticulous: Each member of the team supports the Jamar Building Services ethos of building quality homes.
Meticulous: Each member of the team supports the Jamar Building Services ethos of building quality homes.

With 18 years of experience, Rhys 'Marshy' Marsh has been operating Jamar Building Services in Port Lincoln since its inception.

He co-founded the business with his best friend, Jack Arbon, and now 10 years later, Marshy has built a local team of experienced and professional tradesmen, while also guiding up and coming apprentices through developing their skills.

"I started my trade in 2006 at 16 years of age in Clare and made the move to Port Lincoln in 2008 where I worked as a qualified tradesmen for a further 3 years. In 2011, Jack (who was also a builder) and I decided to start the business," Marshy said.

"We chose the name Jamar Building Services because we wanted to offer an all-inclusive service, utilising a vast range of qualifications and experience."

"We started off just Jack and I - at the bottom with no business experience. From there we put on an apprentice, then two. Obviously, as the workload increased, we were able to employ more staff and the business grew."

"My wife, Ashlee and I bought the business out in December 2019."

"Ash, continues to take care of all things admin/accounting/social media, which she has done since inception."

"Not only sharing a passion for the business, Ash has managed to accumulate a huge amount of experience in building work gained from our personal projects that we have completed over the past 10 years."

"We now employ a total of nine people made up of six tradesmen and three apprentices."

"Each member of the team supports the Jamar Building Services ethos of building quality and unique homes, with the great detail, care and expertise a dream home construction requires."

"My role has changed immensely - from being a typical tradie on the tools everyday to now predominantly being office bound - organising jobs, dealing with clients and staff, being more business orientated."

"Our services range anywhere from the erection of a fence/deck, a renovation/extension of your home or commercial building to the construction of an architecturally-inspired home or commercial building."

"We have a solid reputation for a personalised experience with a high level of communication, delivering your custom build within your ideal timeframe and budget, without compromising on quality."

"With both experience and passion, you can be sure that you will get a premium custom home with Jamar Building Services."

"The main reason that we see ourselves as a contrast from others is due the knowledge we hold and because of the service we provide."

"Our involvement in every stage of the building process makes the experience a stress-free and enjoyable one, unlike those horror stories you hear."

"Our number one priority is that you, as our client, are completely satisfied throughout the process, but more importantly, in love with the end result."

"We offer outstanding communication, keeping you informed at all times and the level of finish on our projects is second to none."

"Basically we like to think of ourselves as an honest family-run business who like to uphold a high reputation, that is our main goal."

"We aim to be a leader when it comes to the latest materials, trends and building designs."

"I pride the business and our employees on being reliable, fairly priced, providing quality workmanship, knowledge and all round great building service."

"Also keeping the lines of communication open throughout the whole building process."

"I am extremely passionate about the building industry and the advances it has made since my initial involvement and where it continues to go."

"The materials and concept ideas are continually evolving at an accelerated pace, which in turn flows through to future designs we have in motion with upcoming work."

"Overall, it has been a great 10 years and I wouldn't change a thing."

"At times, stress levels have exceeded expectations but that's all part of running a small/medium size business."

"As the business has evolved, I have also grown and matured within myself."

"This is an industry where you are continually learning , which I love, and my outlook/perspective on different situations has definitely evolved too."

"The biggest change has probably been to do with my role within the business as mentioned above."

"No longer am I out on-site with my tool belt on, on a daily basis."

"My main focus now is the day-to-day running of the business. To ensure our clients' needs are met and to keep things flowing nicely internally for our team."

"I am allowing myself the time that I require to provide information to clients and to schedule meetings both on site and in office."

"Covid-19 has posed it's challenges, but I consider ourselves (especially living regionally) to be extremely fortunate to have been able to operate as uninterrupted as we have."

"I feel for those in the hospitality/tourism industry and their staff during these uncertain times," Marshy said.

Jamar Building Services has been a HIA (Housing Industry Australia) member for 10 years.