Port Lincoln oyster company enjoys record June quarter

Angel's fortunes keep rising

Local oyster producers Angel Seafood has continued to see increased demand for its product and is staying the course with its market directions after a record June quarter.

The Port Lincoln based company saw 3.2 million oysters sold for the quarter, up 50 per cent from the same time last year as well as record June half-year sales of 4.7 million oysters sold, an increase of 44 per cent.

The company reports demand for its product over this period remained strong, with the restaurant channel showing good signs for most of the quarter, before COVID-19 lockdowns had an impact.

However Angel Seafood chief financial officer Simba Matute said there had still been good demand from the retail sector.

He said it was not surprising to see these results as the company had been focused on growth but was happy to see the work Angel Seafood had done was being rewarded in demand.

"We've been buoyed by the strength of the domestic market," he said.

"We are still very happy to have seen demand for our product still being significant."

While the domestic market has been good to Angel Seafood, the company will be among 20 South Australian companies a part of the first round of recipients from the $2.28 million Global Expansion Program, which aims to help local companies to grow their export capability and capacity into new and existing markets.

Mr Matute said Angel Seafood was pleased to be an ambassador for Eyre Peninsula and add to the reputation of quality seafood in all the markets it goes into.

Angel Seafood is also increasing in oyster biomass, which increased 42 per cent over the quarter with 30 million oysters on hand.

Angel Seafood chief executive officer Zac Halman said the biomass growth was a positive result given there was less feed available throughout the bays over the period.

He said the company would progress with its other developments as it looks to grow even further.

"With 30 million oysters on hand, we are well positioned to continue on our growth trajectory," he said.

"We continue to progress our three-pillar strategy to double production capacity and improve profitability, with trials progressing well for our FlipFarms, summer oysters, and Halo Club.

"These initiatives will help us build capacity and improve the profitability of our operations."