The Informer: Deja vu or just Groundhog Day No.365?

Deja vu or just Groundhog Day No.365 in a year of COVID?

Full disclosure: I'm no movie fan. Occasionally the pop culture references I understand but, largely, references fly clear over my head. This is why I had to check to see if there was a sequel to Groundhog Day (there hasn't been).

But who needs films anyway - forget Groundhog Day, this is Groundhog YEAR! We're living it.

On September 14, 2020, The Informer mentioned Queensland, Christmas, and whales at a seafood buffet. Quite the combo, agreed. But now wait for some of today's headlines ...

Queensland's deputy premier had a theme and he stuck to it in state parliament today. Steven Miles' ongoing feud with federal MP George Christensen for his support of ivermectin, a veterinary drug, for treating COVID reached new levels.

Mr Miles reminded Mr Christensen yesterday he was not a horse and an "edifying" social media exchange followed. Today the horse theme morphed into donkey imagery at state parliament: "Members will be aware that while the Member for Dawson isn't a horse he sometimes acts like a bit of a donkey. I have heard he likes the whip."


There may be 102 days until Christmas, but it, too, featured today. Plans for returning Australians to quarantine in homes continue to be advanced with a, you guessed it, pre-Christmas goal being considered.

Jane Halton, who is reviewing isolation arrangements for a second time, believes home quarantine will be viable once the nation hits 80 per cent double-dose vaccination coverage.

As for the whales, well that's just plain spooky (or, more likely, seasonal). Last September 14, we reported on dozens of humpbacks churning up the water in a feeding frenzy on the NSW Far South Coast. This year, same thing about 90km north at Bermagui.

On the "new news" front, cases in NSW and Victoria continue to be counted; the ACT's lockdown was extended; and reports emerged about the nation gearing up for a quick turnaround in the economy once coronavirus lockdowns begin to ease.

Quite possibly the news you wanted to hear most came from an expected source: Stephen Byron.

Mr Byron is Canberra Airport's managing director and he believes domestic travel will start on its path back to normal by mid-October. There's method - and a double-dose rate of 80 per cent - to his claim.

Here's hoping The Informer will be chock-full of very different subject matter by September 14, 2022.

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