Whalers Way rocket launch stopped due to system issue

System issue stops rocket launch

A system issue has halted the planned launch of a rocket at Whalers Way on Wednesday afternoon.

Southern Launch had planned a launch at Whalers Way on Wednesday, September 15 between 6am and 6pm using one of tiSPACE's 10m Hapith One rockets.

However a Southern Launch spokesperson said at 2:18pm the countdown was halted just before lift-off, stopping the launch sequence, as during the final steps prior to lift-off one of the systems did not come online.

Safety protocols were followed and the rocket was put into a safe state.

Southern Launch chief executive officer Lloyd Damp said the situation was being looked into.

"The Southern Launch and tiSPACE teams are assessing the status of the launch vehicle, including the ability to attempt another launch at a later date," he said.

This latest development comes after an initial attempt at a launch was postponed the previous Friday due to weather conditions, with the countdown stopped at T-34 minutes.

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