Cummins Kapinnie wins Great Flinders netball premiership

PREMIERS: Cummins Kapinnie won the A grade netball premiership. Pictured are (back): Amy Fuss, Rhianna Foster, Hana Green, Jessica Green, Morgan McDonald, Molly Burns, Cherie Bascomb, Justine Stokes, Kaitlin Jacobs, Ella Wedd; (front): Lily Matena and Holly Gale. Photos: Brooke Neindorf
PREMIERS: Cummins Kapinnie won the A grade netball premiership. Pictured are (back): Amy Fuss, Rhianna Foster, Hana Green, Jessica Green, Morgan McDonald, Molly Burns, Cherie Bascomb, Justine Stokes, Kaitlin Jacobs, Ella Wedd; (front): Lily Matena and Holly Gale. Photos: Brooke Neindorf


A GRADE GRAND FINAL - Cummins Kapinnie def Ramblers 64-49

In the main game of the day, the A grade grand final umpired by Adelaide umpires Josh Taylor and Dan Roe saw a very impressive Cummins Kapinnie take on the young inexperienced Ramblers side.

Cougars won the toss and were first to score. Ramblers' Keeley Mason started a little shakily by missing shots under the post and was having to get her own rebounds to keep Ramblers scoring.

The quarter started goal for goal with some terrific long passes into the Cougars goalies and some excellent intercepts by Cougars' "Olly" defenders, Holly Gale and Molly Burns.

Cougars were applying tight full court defensive pressure over the ball making it hard for Ramblers to get an easy pass away and their attackers were having to make extra leads.

Ella Wedd's workload lifted, taking some timely intercepts and cuts and drives into the goal circle. Wedd finished off the defensive work by shooting accurately to capitalise on Cougars' turnovers.

Ramblers however, clawed their way back into the game with three long shots by Mason but Cougars increased their pressure and intensity to see them leave the court at quarter time with a six-goal lead, 20-14.

Neither team made any changes during the break, keeping their starting seven for the second quarter. Cougars' fast ball movement by Morgan McDonald coupled with the passing and positioning between association best and fairest Jessica Green and Wedd resulted in some easy goals.

The "Olly" duo down the other end created some beautiful intercepts for Cougars with their anticipation and athleticism. Burns, Gale and Cherie Bascomb were working as a defensive team which Ramblers found hard to penetrate.

Ramblers tried to match Cougars' intensity but missed goal opportunities and being under constant defensive pressure in every position, Ramblers found no easy way to the post. Cougars maintained their momentum, continuing to extend their lead and be comfortably in control of the game at half time 36-24.

Cougars brought on the fresh legs of Lily Matena into WD at half time with Ramblers resting Maddy Crettenden and bringing on Lucy Fitzgerald into GD to nullify Cougars Wedd. Ramblers came out trying to peg back a few goals with a successful long shot by Mason.

Wedd and Hana Green continued to combine nicely, with Wedd playing a strong controlled game and shooting some nice goals.

Ramblers' defender Abby-Lee Burrows was working tirelessly back at keeper to create turnovers, but her efforts went unrewarded as Ramblers could not fully convert on the scoreboard.

Gale left the court for the blood rule in the closing minutes of the quarter but in a much more even display of quality netball, Ramblers kept up with Cougars for the third quarter. The last break saw Cougars still in command 51-38.

For the final quarter of the season Lily Nettle and Ava Pedler switched tags for Ramblers, with Pedler moving into centre. Ramblers had the first centre pass, but it was turned over for another goal to Cougars.

Ramblers increased their defensive pressure, but Cougars responded to easily find Wedd in the goal circle who finished sweetly. The "Olly's" continued to create turn over after turn over for Cougars which were converted down the other end by Wedd and Green.

Burrows had a great last quarter for Ramblers, winning some contested balls and taking a few strong intercepts. However, Cougars polished teamwork over the entire court showed their dominance and why they have been undefeated this season, to win convincingly 64-49.

Cougars' Holly Gale was best on court after her dominant performance at goal defence with defender Abby-Lee Burrows being Ramblers best.

A RESERVES GRAND FINAL - Cummins Kapinnie def Elliston Districts 43-36

Elliston Districts started the game strongly, turning over Cougars' centre pass and converting the first two goals. It took both teams a while to get used to the umpiring style but good netball was played once they adjusted. Cougars' GA Amesha Meyers was shooting accurately, rewarding the hard work of the rest of her team.

Cougars' keeper Belinda-Jane Moroney had some handy pickups making it tough for the Elliston Districts goalies to convert, but Elliston Districts lifted in the second half of quarter with Leah Forrest playing very tight defence. Cummins Kapinnie went into the break slightly ahead, 10-8.

Elliston Districts made changes to their defence end with Tara Brace and Kellie Lessue coming onto the court into wing defence and goalkeeper. Both teams played a very defensive game with strong physical contests across the court, and no easy passes were had.

Kristy Newton moved into centre due to an injury to Elliston Districts' Bonnie Cheyne, which had immediate impact with her steadiness and strong communication. Cougars, however extended their lead to six with the half time score 22-16 in favour of Cummins Kapinnie.

Cougars continued their accurate shooting making it difficult for Elliston to catch up. Elliston Districts' GS Jessica Bascomb was holding well in the circle, providing a strong feeding option in their ring.

Elliston increased their intensity and were scoring well during the third quarter. Cougars' centre, Billie Thompson was playing a very consistent game in both attack and defence, but Elliston Districts outscored Cougars to peg back the score line to get back within three. At the break Cougars still held a slim lead 30 - 27.

Elliston Districts continued their high work ethic in the last quarter getting the score back even in the first few minutes. Premiership nerves came into the game with both teams making errors.

Meyers stood up as the steadying player for Cougars, getting her team back in front, and gaining a handy lead with five minutes left in the game.

After a hard-fought game from both teams, Cummins Kapinnie ran out winners by seven over Elliston Districts 43 - 36. Best on Court was Emily Wardle of Cummins Kapinnie with Kristy Newton being Elliston Districts best.

B GRADE GRAND FINAL - Cummins Kapinnie def Elliston Districts 53-24

A long bomb from Cougars' Rachel Hunt to start the game echoed what was to happen for the rest of the quarter.

At the opposite end Nicole Brands and Neve Tomney were having trouble finding their range and accuracy for Elliston Districts but in stark contrast sisters Hunt and Amanda Puckridge were shooting very well for Cougars despite some tight defence from Taja Pryor and Hannah Zerk.

Elliston Districts finally scored their first goal well into the quarter through Tomney. Cougars were playing strongly in the attack end and were combining nicely to find easy passage into their goalies' Hunt and Puckridge.

The Elliston Districts goalies were struggling against the tight marking Chaz Letton and Grace Burns who were combining well in defence. Cougars set up a winning lead by quarter time 15-3.

Both teams made changes for the second quarter with Cougars bringing on Megan Radford into wing defence and Shawntee Parker taking the court for Elliston Districts and positional changes to Darcee Azzopardi and Tahlia Gosling.

Hunt and Puckridge were proving hard to stop and continued with their shooting display on the end of some nice feeding by Shaelee Meyers and Jorja Buddle.

Elliston Districts found some form to score off some nice passages of play but Meyers through the mid-court in wing attack for Cougars was the dominant player of the quarter finding clean space and finding her goalies easily. Even though it was a much better scoring quarter by Elliston Districts, Cougars had increased their lead to nineteen at the long break, 29-10.

With Cougars holding a big lead and having a full complement of twelve players, they made changes during the break with Burns being replaced by Bianca Franklin, Leah Mahoney coming on at centre and Hahmany Agars returning to the court after being rested.

Elliston Districts also made changes to find winning combinations. Captain Kerri-Ann Gill entered the game at goal attack and Marli Ryan took the centre tag again for Elliston Districts. This seemed to have an effect with Ryan feeding well into her goal circle to find Brands and Gill.

The Cougars attack were making small errors in the ring and Elliston Districts' Zerk turned over some balls to give her team scoring opportunities which were not converted.

Cougars mid court tidied up the errors to bring the ball through easily and with Elliston struggling to score, only scoring two goals for the quarter compared to Cougars' 13, Cougars continued to increase their lead. By the quarters end, Cougars led 42-12.

Both teams made more changes for the last quarter, which was to be Elliston Districts best quarter. A good intercept by Cougars' Franklin showed Cougars were still fighting for the ball despite their large lead.

Brands and Gill were working well together in the goal circle and shot accurately which allowed Elliston Districts to keep up with Cougars in the last quarter whilst the Cougars goalies missed a few.

Unfortunately for Elliston Districts, they struggled to get into the game whilst Cougars continued their second semi form to easily take the premiership 52-24. Shaelee Meyers was best on court for her performance through the mid court and Nicole Brands was best for Elliston Districts.

B RESERVES GRAND FINAL - Tumby Bay def Elliston Districts 18-16

Elliston Districts won the toss and took the centre pass, but Tumby Bay came out determined and shot the first two goals. Elliston Districts settled and shot the next two, getting on the scoreboard.

Elliston Districts' Reyah Agars and young Claire Daniell were tight in defence on Courtney Richter and Tamika O'Malley, but the Tumby Bay shooters were unfazed, and Tumby Bay raced out to a four-goal lead, 7-3 at quarter time.

Tumby Bay made a change at quarter time, swapping Julia Devine and bringing on Tamika Clark into the goal defence position. Elliston Districts made a few changes to try and close the gap, bringing on Cindy Gardiner into wing defence and the tall young Indi Donovan into goal defence.

The wind at the southern end was making it difficult for Elliston Districts to shoot accurately and score, with the rebounds being picked off by the Tumby Bay defenders Rachel Richardson and Clark.

The rebounds were being converted down the other end by the accurate Richter for Tumby Bay, who was not giving any rebound opportunities to the Elliston defenders.

Association best and fairest Monique aTrenberth provided drive through the centre and delivered the ball beautifully to her teammates enabling the Blues to extend their lead late in the quarter. Tumby Bay went into half time looking like they were in control of the game, leading 13-5.

During the half time break changes were made by both teams. Devine came back on for Tumby Bay in the defensive end after being rested with Elliston Districts making many changes, wanting to keep themselves in the game.

The tall Tilly-Clare Bassham came on into goalkeeper, adding more height to the Elliston Districts defensive circle, Daniell came back on in the wing defence position and Agars switched into wing attack. These changes had immediate impact with the first goal of the quarter being scored by the Roosters.

Agars made a difference through the mid court delivering the ball well into her goalies and Bassham's height and reach to contest every ball made it hard for Tumby Bay to get clean passage into their goal circle. Bassham's defensive pressure over the shot worried the Tumby Bay goalies and they started to miss.

Play was characterised by turnovers and errors for quite a while due to the defensive pressure by both teams. Devine and Alison Wilson for Tumby Bay continued to take defensive intercepts and Bassham and Donovan were taking rebounds for Elliston Districts.

Neither team were able to convert but the Tumby Bay mid court began working well to deliver the ball into their goalies. After a great turnover, Elliston Districts were finally able to score a desperately needed goal. In a low scoring quarter, with both teams only scoring three goals each, Tumby kept their eight-goal lead, 16-8.

Elliston Districts made further changes bringing on fresh legs of Gardiner into centre whilst Tumby Bay remained unchanged. Both teams came out of the huddle determined to take control of the game. An injury to Elliston Districts young Daniell saw Raven take her place at wing defence.

Just when it looked like Tumby Bay had control of the game, the tide turned. Elliston Districts' Samara Fisher and Stacey Brace began to find the net and desperate netball was being played by both teams.

Elliston Districts closed the gap in the first half of the quarter to get within three and after a great intercept by Donovan, desperate to help her team, the gap was cut to two. The large crowd became very vocal trying to lift their teams.

The pressure was being felt by both teams. Brace continued to work tirelessly for Elliston Districts, leading and chasing loose balls to get her girls up and about. Fisher steadied and scored for Elliston Districts to level the game.

With three minutes to go, the atmosphere was intense - the players were desperate for the win and the umpires were struggling to make themselves heard over the noise of the involved crowd.

The desperation shown by both teams is what finals is all about, Elliston Districts were willing themselves on and Tumby Bay were refusing to give the game away. Two quick late goals clinched the game for Tumby Bay to take the win by two in a low scoring game, 18-16.

Best on court medal was awarded to Alison Wilson for Tumby Bay with Reyah Agars being named as best for Elliston Districts.

D GRADE GRAND FINAL - Tumby Bay def Elliston Districts 31-16

Tumby with the home ground advantage also won the toss of the coin and began the game with the first centre pass. Tumby Bay had a nervous start with a few loose passes and balls tipped out of play by the long arms of the Elliston Districts defenders.

After a wasted opportunity by Tumby, Elliston Districts were able to score the first goal through Adele Shepperd. Defensive pressure and nerves meant both teams were making basic footwork errors, and the ball was turned over regularly.

Neither team had an easy route to the goal circle. Halfway through the quarter Elliston Districts were able to find some space in their attacking half though Sophie Davis (WA) and Amy Lynch (C). Blood rule meant Lynch had to leave the court, with Davis filling the centre position.

Elliston Districts opted to leave the WA position vacant and have Lynch return to court after the next goal was scored. After a few minutes of frantic play by both sides, and with less than a minute to play in the quarter, Lynch was able to return to the court and re-enter the game.

A tough quarter for either side to find any rhythm, the match ups between Tumby's Taryn Bienke in GD and Elliston Districts' Adele Shepperd in GA and the reverse in Elliston's Indi Donovan GD and Tumby Bay's Maisie Curtis were like an arm wrestle with both pairs not giving an inch. Quarter time scores Tumby Bay 6 to Elliston Districts 5.

Elliston Districts scored the first two goals of the quarter and another blood rule saw Tumby's WA Tayla Coad leave the court. Tumby Bay deciding to follow Elliston's lead and leave the position vacant, banking on a quick goal to get their player back on the court.

Elliston Districts scored again and Coad returned to the court. The ping pong flavour to the match continued with both teams intercepting but then throwing away the advantage with some coach killing passes.

Elliston were able to find a slight upper hand through tight, full-court defensive pressure, and were able to maintain their one goal lead throughout the majority of the quarter.

The first half was a defensive pressure cooker with both teams struggling to find rhythm, prompting both benches to provide plenty of voice and support for their sides. The Blues managed to slot the last goal of the quarter to tie up the game and go into half time with the score at 10 all.

Both teams started the second half with unchanged line-ups. Tumby Bay turned the first centre pass and scored through Maisie Curtis. She then scored again with a lovely long bomb. Tumby were able to get a run of four goals to stretch the lead to the biggest of the match.

Coach, Kenidee McNamara must have given an inspirational half time speech because Tumby were on fire for the quarter, with Maisie Curtis sinking some speccy goals and WD Caitlin Jefferson making life difficult for the Elliston attackers trying to find circle edge.

The Elliston Districts goalies were working hard to try and create space for each other but Tumby's defensive line-up of Bienke and Sadie Curtis will be looking for some sponsorship from Selleys as they were sticking like the proverbial glue.

A strong scoring quarter by the Blues saw Tumby 21 pull ahead of Elliston Districts 13 at three quarter time.

Elliston Districts brought on Tina Tree into WA, Kiana Tonkin in GS and rested Ava Brace and Sophie Davis. Tumby Bay remained unchanged. Elliston turned the first centre pass and scored through Adele Shepperd.

Tumby were able to continue their good form of the third quarter with strong play from Bienke and Maisie Curtis, with Esther Pedemonte (C) providing the link down the court.

The height of Kiana Tonkin for Elliston Districts provided them with a slightly easier entry into their goal circle giving Tumby's GK Sadie Curtis a new challenge. Tumby Bay's GS Paige Dillon was not afraid to come right down the court to the transverse line to help her team get the ball into the circle and create space.

This allowed for the pace of Maisie Curtis to out-work her much taller opponent in Indi Donovan. Elliston Districts' Lynch left the court again with a minute to go allowing Davis to return to the court.

Tumby won the match in the second half with fantastic defensive pressure and accuracy by their goalies when they had the chance. Finals scores were Tumby Bay 31 defeating Elliston Districts 16.

Better players for the match were Tumby's Maisie Curtis, who was awarded the medal for Best on Court and Taryn Bienke, and for Elliston Districts, Amy Lynch and Claire Daniell. The game was well umpired by Rachelle Warner and Tracey Dahlitz.

E GRADE GRAND FINALS - Elliston Districts def United Yeelanna 37-35

Elliston Districts started with the first centre pass, but it was United Yeelanna who scored the first goal through Tahlia Modra. After three centre passes Elliston Districts finally worked the ball into the goal ring and opened their account through Breea Feltus.

Nerves settled and the game evened out with tight defence all over the court. Modra dominated in the goal circle for United Yeelanna and finished off with accurate shooting. Feltus for Elliston Districts was also moving well and shooting with great accuracy.

Elliston's Rachel Scott and Sharmaine Crosby for United Yeelanna were having a good battle at centre. The quarter was a very even contest with Elliston Districts being up by two goals 13-11 at the break.

Elliston made one change bringing Taylah Ribbon on into WD. United Yeelanna started the quarter with the first goal through Chelsea Wilksch. Tight defence through April Wagner (WD) and Lucy Wilksch (GK) gave Yeelanna many opportunities to even the score early in the quarter.

Scott at centre started to take a few intercepts through the middle of the court to keep Elliston Districts in the game. Tight defence by Miley Agars and Amy Thompson caused a few turnovers late in the quarter to enable Elliston Districts to increase their lead slightly. Half time scores Elliston Districts 22 to United Yeelanna 18.

Elliston Districts made further changes, bringing on Elisha Hull to WD and Lily Kirby to GK. United Yeelanna started the quarter well with the first two goals, Chelsea Wilksch finding her long-range shots.

Estelle Brace, GA for Elliston Districts was working hard to keep her team in the game and Feltus remained calm under pressure and continued to be the dominant shooter for the Roosters.

Ruby Baker at WA for Elliston Districts stepped up this quarter to provide great feeding options for the Elliston Districts goalies whilst the Eagles' Sari Letton provided good drive and back up for her team to keep United Yeelanna within reach of Elliston Districts.

The game was a tough tussle with the ball going up and down the court for several minutes with neither team scoring a goal.

United Yeelanna's Crosby dominated the quarter by taking several intercepts all over the court, however United Yeelanna failed to make these turnovers count and Elliston Districts lead by five goals at three quarter time 32-27.

For the final quarter, Elliston Districts brought on Megan Carey into WD whilst United Yeelanna remained unchanged. Feltus scored the first goal for the quarter with the ball moving easily in the Roosters attack.

Crosby intercepted the ball again to bring United Yeelanna to within three goals early in the quarter. The Eagle girls panicked slightly with some loose passes, but Elliston Districts remained calm and continued to work the ball into their goal ring.

Feltus showed maturity to shoot with accuracy under immense pressure. Kirby at GK for Elliston took a few critical intercepts, this coupled with a few passing errors from United Yeelanna gave Elliston Districts more scoring opportunities.

Stella Chandler at GD for Yeelanna stepped up for her team this quarter providing lot of drive down the court but unfortunately United Yeelanna could not convert their many opportunities. Elliston Districts held on to win by two goals with the final scores being 37-35.

United Yeelanna's April Wagner was named Best on Court whilst Breea Feltus was best for Elliston Districts.

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