Big King George whiting on the West Coast

CATCH: Willow Eldridge displays the squid that she caught this week on a Shimano flash boost jig. Photo: Supplied

CATCH: Willow Eldridge displays the squid that she caught this week on a Shimano flash boost jig. Photo: Supplied

Here's what was biting and where across the region.

West Coast

Most of the bays along the West Coast have been excellent for King George whiting to 45 centimetres, with Smoky Bay and Streaky Bay the best.

Look for big sand holes with some weeds in or around them. Cockles or squid are the best baits, with razorfish guts as berley.

In the bays there are also silver trevally, mullet, garfish and squid.

Salmon continue to be caught from most beaches using lures and brined pilchard baits, with Locks Well and Talia good options when the swell is not pumping.

Coffin Bay

King George whiting inside the bay have been mostly just undersized.

To make up for the lack of whiting, there are good numbers of garfish, salmon trout, tommies and silver trevally, while along the ledge has also been good for these species and the occasional strongie.

Farm Beach and the Sir Isaac area have produced some good catches of King George whiting, garfish, squid, tommies and blue morwong.

Meanwhile, reef species continue to keep smiles on anglers' faces offshore, with large nannygai, gummy and school sharks, and plenty of other species, being caught on jigs and baits drifted over the reefs.

Almonta and Gunyah beaches have seen plenty of salmon caught this week on metal lures thrown at schools.

Port Lincoln

Plenty of squid are being caught from most land-based spots, with black, white and rattle jigs proving effective.

Jigs that have a warm jacket are also proving very effective on the squid.

The best spots have been the main wharf, Louth jetty and the North Shields jetty.

Over at the wharf, there are plenty of sweep, zebra fish, squid, snook and tommies to be found, while the town jetty is still the main spot for squid plus plenty of tommies after dark.

King George whiting have been caught around Spalding Cove and the Monument, with other consistent spots being Louth Island and along the North Shore.

Boaties are also getting plenty of squid and garfish along the North Shore.

Tumby Bay

Land-based anglers fishing from the town jetty and marina channel have done well on a variety of species.

Squid, tommies, trevally, flathead, bream and salmon trout have all been caught this week.

The Group has seen some big King George whiting and squid caught.

Whiting between 30 and 55cm are 'everywhere' according to some reports - cockles with razorfish berley seems to be the key to success.

There are also some nice snook, garfish and silver trevally to be had if you look around.

Port Neill/Arno Bay

King George whiting, squid, snook, garfish and tommies have been caught by boaties.


Inside the harbour there have been yellowfin whiting, garfish and a few tommies.

Outside the harbour there are King George whiting, tommies, garfish, snook and silver trevally.