Indians win at Shields, Saints record no hitter

Indians avenge grand final loss


Indians def Shields 8-3

The A grade saw last years grand final rematch with Indians taking the chocolates on the night. Shields started well with Elliot retiring the first three batters from solid fielding.

They then hit well in the bottom of the first to score three runs with the first three batters all recording safe hits before Turner struck out Hage for side away.

J. Dinnison was the only safe hit for the Tribe in the second innings with Elliot pitching to his field. Turner also found the zone and faced five batters before K.Hope was struck out to start the third innings.

Errors from the Tigers players along with safe hits from W. Bilney, Turner, Dinnison helped the Tribe score six runs and take the lead that they would not give up for the rest of the game.

Pobke's double would be the only hit for the next two innings for Shields, with the Tribe adding two more runs to their tally in their last at bat and K. Bilney hitting safe. Final score saw Indians win 8-3.

Best: Indians: J. Dinnison, J. Turner; Shields: T. Pobke, A. Elliott.

Saints def Coyotes 13-1

In the A grade match, the Saints recorded the evenings second no hitter with an impressive 13-1 victory.

Saints starting pitcher Brenton Harvey was very admirable, striking out seven. Jayden Blewit came on in relief in the last inning, finishing the game with two strike outs.

The Saints batters scored eight runs in the first inning making it difficult for the Coyotes right from the start. The weary Coyote defence had to face 13 Saint batters in the first inning alone.

Eight Saint batters recorded safe hits. Liam Dennis and Blake Staughton had two each. This week the Saints will travel to North Shields to face last year's premiers while the Coyotes will face Indians at Ravendale.


Indians def Shields 5-4

The Reserves saw K. Dorward tossed the ball to tame the Indians batters and with Dorward striking out Bilney and Jenkins to hold the them to just one run, helped with a Bozanic stand up double.

Now it was Shileds turn to bat and with four former juniors making their return to the club it really bolstered the team.

O'Keefe, M. Hope and McGrath all made it to first and then K. Dorward hit to right field and scored three runs and he would get home on a hit from A.Docking to take the lead 4-1.

Dorward's magic with the ball sparkled bright holding the big hitting Tribe to just one safe hit, yielding one run before Kobelt lined out to T. Docking for side away. Bilney kept the Tigers scoreless in the second which would prove to be decisive.

The Tribe came out hungry for run in the third with Bilney hitting the first in the park home run now that the league decided to take away the home run fence.

Jenkins, K. Bilney also had safe hits to score three runs to take the lead back before Tigers made a pitching change.

Coach Bowers tossed the ball to his unfit and by far the slowest pitcher in the league Hartwich who is good for about two batters at best.

This was all the team needed Dennis was bamboozled with Hartwich's pick off to first for the second out and then Drewit hit the second pitch to T. Docking who through him out at first.

The Tribe also made a pitching change and Jenkins retired the next three batters with great fielding support to have the Tigers on the ropes.

Indians batters took to Hartwich like ducks to water four safe hits and scoring eight runs before Long was struck out. However time was called which brought the score back to 5-4 with Indians winning by 1.

Best: Indians: W. Bilney, K. Bilney, M. Dennis; Shields: K. Dorward

Saints def Coyotes 16-1

In the B grade match, last years premiers Saints won easily 16-1. Coyotes sprightly lead off batter Ben Adams scored his teams only run after reaching first base on an infield error. Adams later scored on a Simon Stusser sacrifice.

Saints starting pitcher Mal Munro settled down to shut out the Coyotes for the next two innings. Saints coach Chris Hester called on his vintage closer Paul Dennis in the fourth inning to preserve the win.

With his newly extended leg lift, very similar to Saints legend Steve Kerr, Dennis forced his opponents into hitting routine ground balls.

The Saints infielders backed up both pitchers superbly. Lachlan Bishop, Jake Gardner and rookie Dylan Puckridge were all outstanding by preventing any hits from piercing their rock solid defence.

Kallen Fowler continued his good batting from last season with three safe hits. Chris Hester, Keith Vlassco, Jake Gardner and James Neale all had two safe hits.


Indians def Shields 12-1

Under 16s started off the round with the Tribe scoring their maximum six runs in the first innings, with safe hits from T. Dennis, W. Bilney Jr and R. McCarroll's stand up double.

The bottom of the first was now up to T. Dennis to show his ability with the ball and he did not disappoint facing four batters and striking out three. N. Payze was able to steal his way around the bases and score a run.

The second dig was much the same with the Indians again scoring their six runs again this time only T. Dennis recorded a safe hit in the way of a triple. The Cubs were held scoreless in the second with W. Dorward hitting safe to the pitcher.

The top of the third saw a pitching change for Shields with T. Shillabeer throw some strikes to allow the Tribe to hit and the field to back him up, Indians still scored four runs with R.McCarroll hitting a triple before side away.

With the game lost the Cubs came out firing with N. Payze and C. Dorward both recording safe hits which scored one run before time was called. Final score 12-1 after score reverted back.

Best: Indians: T. Dennis, R. McCarroll, W. Bilney Jr; Shields: N. Payze, W. Dorward, C. Dorward.

Coyotes def Saints 15-4

The Coyotes under 16 side showed why they won the premiership last year with a comfortable 15-4 no hit victory over a young Saint side.

Although the three Coyote pitchers did not allow a single hit, they did struggle with early season control problems, hitting three batters with eight base on balls.

The Coyote batters rose to the occasion with 12 safe hits, all of them singles. Tygh Te Wano went a perfect three for three.

Clayton Colbert also batted 1000 with two safe hits and a walk. Luke Pearce provided punch in the bottom of the line up with two safe hits.

Even though the Saints were shut out in the first inning, they can take heart knowing that they scored in the next two innings.

For many Saints this was their first game of baseball. Both teams were very impressive in the field with only two errors. Hats off to the coaches and players from both clubs.