Port Lincoln Times Flashback Friday: 1968 | GALLERY

Before winding down for the weekend, why not wind back the clock with a look back at editions from the Port Lincoln Times from years gone by in this week's Flashback Friday gallery?

This week we are going back 53 years to feature the people who made the news throughout November, 1968.

Is there anyone you can recognise in this week's gallery?


It was the year John Gorton became Australian Prime Minister, to date he is the only senator to assume the office.

South Australia also saw a change in leadership as Steele Hall defeated Don Dunstan in the state election to become South Australian Premier.

In sport Lionel Rose defeated Japan's Fighting Harada to become world bantamweight champion, becoming the first Indigenous Australian to win a world title, while Australia also competed in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, winning five gold, seven silver and five bronze.

NOTE: This gallery may contain images of deceased Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons and may cause distress to those communities.

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