The Block: Josh and Luke Packham reveal their top renovation tips

TIPS: The Block contestants Josh and Luke Packham share their top renovation tips. Picture: The Block Shop
TIPS: The Block contestants Josh and Luke Packham share their top renovation tips. Picture: The Block Shop

The Block is gruelling, with multiple rooms completed for a fast pace. Here's what rookie renovators Josh and Luke Packham learned from their experience.

Create a mood board

Grab ideas from Pinterest of what you like and what you envision and then you can start something from there.

Quotes, quotes, quotes

Spend a bit of time to get as many quotes as you can from the trades. Even on The Block site we had dramatic changes in quotes and prices, for different trades doing the same thing. It definitely is wise to get as many opinions as possible before you start so you know the price point.

Work with the best

Get a really good builder. That is essential because they can put you in contact with trades that you can trust. You can also bounce ideas off them because they've been in more houses than most people combined. They've got a good eagle eye for what's working, what you might like and you might be able to get some good ideas from them as well.

Size matters

Always try and make the space look bigger than what it is. At the end of the day size sells so find your way to make a smaller room look big. We used skylights a lot of the time to make rooms look bigger with natural light. There's always ways to make rooms look bigger than what they actually are.

Going with the flow

Make the house flow and have sense. Our house was successful because we had two of the bedrooms and the living area open up onto the back area with bifold doors, that was a huge advantage for us and it makes the room feel bigger because it opens up. If it can't open up, at least provide the bedroom with a really nice view if possible.

Give it some heart

A lot of people try and renovate for what other people would like, the most important thing is you've got to have your own heart into it. Do what you like, not what you think other people would like.

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