Port Lincoln Special School reflects on 2021 year

Port Lincoln Special School has celebrated the end to another challenging, yet rewarding year and is looking forward to further growth in 2022 and beyond.

This year the special school had 24 students enrolled and welcomed three new reception students.

The school held its graduation night at the Port Lincoln Hotel on December 6, celebrating the school year and the graduation of student Peter Doolan, who also was awarded the Peter Treloar Parliamentary Medal.

Principal Matthew Syme said Peter had an incredible year, transitioning to Bedford and had been fully engaged in a positive way, as well as showing growth in his communication skills using an electronic pod.

Fellow student Dani Johnson received the Zonta Award, presented by Port Lincoln Zonta Club member Rosii Pedler, while the school's health support officer LeeAnn Brook was awarded the Rowan Ramsey Award.

Mr Syme said Ms Brook supported Peter and other students with their feeding and had gone above and beyond in her duties.

The end of the year celebrations continued with the school's end of year concert and presentations, with students, staff and family members getting together at the neighbouring Lincoln Gardens Primary School to enjoy some performances and recognise more achievements within the community.

Blayne Hillbrich was named the Minister for Education and Child Development Volunteer Award winner for her conributions, which included coming in every Monday for the past two terms to help run coffee and chat sessions for families at school.

The school also recognised Paquita White, who received a 10 year certificate for her years of service with the Department for Education.

Mr Syme said the past two years had been challenging with COVID but it had allowed the school to come together and be stronger moving forward.

"It was a chance to sit back and take stock on the successes of the past and look at where we're going next," he said.

"We've been able to turn a challenging situation into a positive."

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