Colour Tumby receives Festivals Australia funds

ARTISTIC: Vans the Omega at work on a wall behind the Tumby Bay Hotel during the collaborative festival last year. Photo: Jarrad Delaney
ARTISTIC: Vans the Omega at work on a wall behind the Tumby Bay Hotel during the collaborative festival last year. Photo: Jarrad Delaney

Colour Tumby will be able to provide a bit more colour for the 2022 event thanks a $36,000 grant from the federal government's Festivals Australia program.

Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey announced on Friday Colour Tumby was successful in round 13 of the program to deliver an expanded street art component for the 2022 festival.

Tumby Bay Progress Association president Dion LeBrun welcomed the funding announcement and said it would allow for a minimum of five walls for art at this year's event.

He said regional events such as Colour Tumby was dependent on funding opportunities such as this.

"The Colour Tumby Festival will now be able to deliver an expanded program in 2022," he said.

"We appreciate and value the ongoing support shown by our local member Rowan Ramsey and his colleagues in the federal government."

The Festivals Australia program supports arts projects that invite community participation and audience engagement at festivals across Australia.

Mr Ramsey said Colour Tumby street art had transformed Tumby Bay since the first annual event in 2018.

"Some of the world's most recognised street artists have participated in the event since then, leaving the town with a number of stunning murals such as pelicans, fish and of course the iconic silos with the boys jumping into the water," he said.

"Five renowned street artists will transform a plain wall within the town into a piece of art, attracting spectators during the festival who will watch the art coming together."

Elements of the 2022 Colour Tumby event, which follows on the successful collaborative event in 2021, continue to come together.

At its regular meeting in December the Tumby Bay District Council gave initial approval for the concept of Colour Tumby and SA Power Networks working with local artists and schools to create designs on blueboards that will be mounted on stobie poles in Tumby Bay, Port Neill and Ungarra.

This will be subject to a final approval of locations and designs.

However with COVID-19 causing uncertainty with events across the state and on Eyre Peninsula, with events such as Tunarama in Port Lincoln and Under the Pines in Port Neill already cancelled.

Mr LeBrun said there was some level of anxiety but he was sure Colour Tumby, set for March 11-14, would still take place with events spread out across the town and mostly taking place outdoors.

"We will adapt to whatever needs and regulations are put to us to make it happen," he said.

Tumby Bay mayor Sam Telfer said it was very encouraging to see the collaboration achieve success in previous events and attract investment from the federal government.

"The Festivals Australia funding will reignite regional arts and culture in many districts, and we are very glad Tumby Bay will be one of them," he said.

"We are proud to have helped bring many groups within our community together with the common goal of showcasing our region and providing a unique experience for both locals and visitors alike."

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