Lower Eyre Council receives grant for Fishery Bay camping

Eyes on Eyre turn to Fishery Bay

Lower Eyre Peninsula District Council will take the next step with its involvement on Eyes on Eyre to develop a formal campground at Fishery Bay after receiving federal government funding.

About $1.7 million from the federal government's $20 million Recreational Fishing and Camping Facilities Program has been awarded to 15 projects across South Australia.

The council has been awarded $135,544 to go towards its nearly $170,000 project at Fishery Bay, which will include delineation of three camp sites, pedestrian access to the beach, upgrades to vehicle access creation of a car park, along with installation of bins, fire pits and signage.

The council's chief executive officer Delfina Lanzilli said this funding opportunity was exciting to improve the visitor experience, as well as protect the environment at Fishery Bay.

"Council has been working with Regional Development Australia for almost three years and as part of their Eyes on Eyre Project supported the works at Fishery Bay which include developing a formal campground to improve the beach access to visitors," she said.

Eyes on Eyre aims to provide infrastructure to improve visitor experiences on Eyre Peninsula while protecting the natural environment.

Ms Lanzilli said the council considered it important to manage camping effectively across the district for locals and visitors, and had recently introduced a camping permit system.

"This online booking process will assist in controlling the use of our designated campgrounds and help towards protecting our pristine natural environment," she said.

Ms Lanzilli said council had recently formalised camping at various locations, namely Fishery Bay, Seal Corner, Frenchman's, Greenly Beach and Point Drummond, where future ground works were planned throughout the year on top of campgrounds at Farm Beach and Louth Bay.