Port Lincoln Camera Club closes out 2021 year

Port Lincoln Camera Club's last meeting for 2021 was held on Monday, December 13 with a Christmas theme, and was as usual very well attended.

After a few housekeeping reminders from president Hamish Robertson, the main one being that the Eyre Peninsula Combined Camera Club's competition will close at the end of January. No doubt our club will be once again very well represented.

We then went on to the judges' comments. In the special subject which is the Gordon Fowler Award

For the theme of 'Birds', Fran Solly took first place for 'Meat and Veg', while second place went to Bazz Hockaday for 'Lunch Time at the Pier' and Julie Lovegrove was third for 'On the Hunt'. Merit went to Chris Georgiou for 'Rainbows'.

In the set subject, which was forced perspective, a challenging subject, Fran Solly earned another first place for 'Clifftop Camping' as well as second for 'Beach Days' and third went to Karen Miels for 'Quick, They'll Never Notice'.

In the open subject Bazz Hockaday took first place for 'Venus Rising' as well as third for 'Morning Calm' while second place went to Chris Georgiou for 'Pink Crayfish'. Merit went to Fran Solly for 'Midnight Oil House' and Julie Lovegrove for 'Waiting for a New Day'.

After the supper break, the club had an extremely interesting exercise; as no country judge was available for the December photos; Fran Solly gave everyone notes on how to judge an image, then Hamish Robertson played a Power Point of all the images, and we were the judges.

The results will be collated and advised at our next meeting, which will be January 24 due to the COVID situation this meeting will not be conducted in person, but by Google. Details about this will either be on the Facebook or by email.