Port Lincoln Times Flashback Friday: 1998 | GALLERY

Before beginning with your weekend plans, why not enjoy a walk down memory lane with this week's Port Lincoln Times Flashback Friday gallery?

This week we are heading to the late 1990s to feature images that featured in the pages of the Port Lincoln Times throughout January, 1998.

Who can you recognise amongst the photos featured in this week's gallery?


The world record in the Tunarama Tuna Toss was set in 1998 when Australian Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Sean Carlin threw 37.23 metres, you can see one of his mammoth throws in this week's gallery as well as special guests Wilbur Wilde and Red Symons of Hey Hey It's Saturday fame.

This was the year Fox Studios Australia was opened which has been involved in the making of film franchises including Star Wars, The Matrix and Mission: Impossible.

Speaking of movies, some that ruled the Australian box office in 1998 included Titanic, Spiceworld, The Wedding Singer, Dr Dolittle and A Bug's Life.

NOTE: This gallery may contain images of deceased Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons and may cause distress to those communities.

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