Cleve District Council congratulates local Australia Day Award winners


COMMITTED: Mignon Dunn has been named Citizen of the Year.

COMMITTED: Mignon Dunn has been named Citizen of the Year.

Ray Marino and Mignon Dunn are both passionate about their community and it's people - both rewarded as citizens of the year.

Equally as dedicated is Cleve's Young Citizen of the Year and local role model Kate Haines.

You would be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about their community and it's people than Mignon Dunn. Mignon has been heavily involved in various capacities throughout our community over a number of years and continues to be an extremely active and valuable member.

Mignon is a busy mother of four and is active on her farming property near Rudall. With these commitments alone, it is astonishing Mignon finds the time she does to dedicate to her community.

Mignon's involvement includes, but is certainly not limited to the following:

Mignon has held various positions within the school community over many years. She is the current Secretary for both Governing Council and Parents and Friends. Mignon has also volunteered on many occasions in various roles such as umpiring, coaching, and transporting students to various school sporting carnivals. She is always willing to help out on school sports days, inter- school sports days, swimming carnivals or any other event she can volunteer herself for!

Mignon volunteers her time to umpire regularly at both netball and basketball, holding the impressive B Grade umpiring badge for netball and is the Eastern Eyre Netball Association Umpires Panel Secretary.

She also volunteers her time to score local cricket regularly on Saturdays and is the current Eastern Eyre Junior Cricket Association Secretary.

Mignon has held the positions of Eastern Eyre Netball Association Vice President and Secretary in the past and has been their President for the previous 2 years.

Mignon is a current active member on the Eastern Ranges Netball Executive Committee and Central Management Committee and is the current Rudall Community Sports Club President.

Mignon coached the Eastern Ranges E grade and Eastern Eyre Association U17 team in 2021.

She is the Driver River Church Secretary and is involved in the Church Youth Group.

Mignon is a selfless, valuable and much loved member of our community and her contagious enthusiasm is widely loved across all generations.

A huge thank you Mignon, your willingness to continually pop up your hand is a rare trait these days and we greatly appreciate the time you dedicate to our school and community.


POSITIVE IMPACT: Citizen of the Year Ray Marino.

POSITIVE IMPACT: Citizen of the Year Ray Marino.

Ray Marino has had a significantly positive impact on our district since commencing as Principal of the Cleve Area School 11 years ago. Ray is a dedicated educator and advocate for our students. An approachable, fair and devoted Principal, it is clear Ray has been an exceptional asset to our School.

However it is his passion and true love of music where we have seen Ray shine in our school and community. Ray's involvement in music across generations has been welcomed and enjoyed by many. Ray often visited the Hostel, taking students with him to perform to those who could not always attend community events. He has developed the school music program, ensuring students have an avenue to learn and enjoy the benefit of music all the way through to Year 12. His passion is contagious, you would find him at community events either playing, setting up, providing his own equipment, or giving others the courage and opportunity to perform.

Ray has played an active role in many clubs and committees including the Eyre Peninsula Field Days Committee, Cleve and District Tourism Action Group, Probus and the Melody Singers.

Ray is also a strong advocate for the growth of the School's Sims Farm Agricultural Course and was integral in the success of the new boarding house application.

Ray will leave behind a huge hole in our School and community, his impact has been wide and he will be sadly missed.

Thank you for all of your hard work Ray, our School and community events will not have the same tune!


YOUNG GUN: Kate Haines Young Citizen of the Year.

YOUNG GUN: Kate Haines Young Citizen of the Year.

Kate Haines is an impressive young lady full of drive, enthusiasm and positivity. Kate's leadership within our community is nothing short of exceptional.

In 2021 she coached, umpired and played both netball and basketball, providing countless hours around planning training and game structures for her teams. Kate is an active volunteer to her sporting clubs and is always willing to lend a hand when required.

Kate also volunteered her time in 2021 to develop and deliver group fitness sessions for girls and women in the community over the netball season.

Kate is a crucial member of the school SRC, often going above and beyond for fundraisers and leading improvements in the school for her peers. Kate is this incoming Co-President this year and will no doubt do a wonderful job co leading her Council.

Kate has recently been recognised as an Olympic Changemaker, an Australia wide program which recognises students who are demonstrating the Olympic spirit - friendship, sportsmanship and striving for excellence - both on and off the playing field, through leadership and driving positive change in their school or local community. Kate was one of 23 successful applicants in this Program, an exceptional achievement.

Kate is an extraordinary role model for young people in our community. She has demonstrated enormous passion for her school and community and continues to impress with maturity beyond her years. At only 17, there is no doubt Kate is destined for great things!

We thank you Kate for the time you dedicate to our School and Community and wish you all the best for your year 12 studies this year.


Unfortunately we received no nominations for the Event of the Year in 2021. We would however like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the successful events which took place in our community.

These being: Tasting Arno, Arno Bay Halloween, The Guitar Festival, The Harvest Fest.

We need to ensure we continue to nominate our achievements; they are certainly worth celebrating!