Port Lincoln Times Flashback Friday: Tunarama memories | GALLERY

While there may not be a Tunarama Festival this weekend, we can still have a chance to celebrate the event's 60th anniversary with a walk down memory lane to relive fond memories it has provided in years gone by.

For this week's special edition of the Port Lincoln Times Flashback Friday, we have gathered together more than 180 images from past Tunarama Festivals, between the first in 1962 to the last held in 2020.


See who were crowned Tunarama Ambassador in years gone by, see who were some of the winners of the iconic Tuna Toss, who strutted their stuff in beach bod competitions and who were some of the people, young and old, who enjoyed the festival atmosphere.

While we have all been missing the festival for the past two years, especially since as can be seen in this gallery, it has provided so many memories to so many people over the past six decades.

Here's hoping for new memories to be created from 2023 and beyond, because Tunarama is and will always be a part of Port Lincoln's identity.

NOTE: This gallery may contain images of deceased Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons and may cause distress to those communities.

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