World Day of Prayer celebrated in Cummins

STORIES: Gladys Hall with Jan Phelps, who shared stories about her travels with a friend through Great Britain for World Day of Prayer in Cummins. Photo: supplied

STORIES: Gladys Hall with Jan Phelps, who shared stories about her travels with a friend through Great Britain for World Day of Prayer in Cummins. Photo: supplied

The Countries chosen for this year's World Day of Prayer were England, Wales and Northern Island and the theme was "For I Know the Plans I Have For You".

The service was held in the Cummins Anglican Church and was led by Gladys Hall with Ian Pearson providing the music.

Members from the Lutheran, Catholic and Uniting churches also participated in presenting the service.

They each read a story from three women, one from each country. A display of maps and pictures of flags and significant attraction from each country.

As well a bible opened at appropriate reading and a lighted candle symbolising light shining through darkness was also displayed.

Jan Phelps spoke about her travels with a friend through Great Britain. She travelled through England and a highlight was visiting the birth place of Shakespeare and travelling through Robin Hood Country.

In Edinburgh she attended the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh Castle and then it was onto Glasgow and crossing the Irish sea to Northern Island. She enjoyed an amazing tour of the Titanic Museum.

It was then onto Wales and the tour guide was a professional singer and had the whole bus singing along in traditional Welsh songs.

A lively night celebrating Welsh food and culture at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff ended with being taught how to sing the national anthem in Welsh.

From Cardiff leaving Wales behind she next visited the famous Roman Baths in Bath. Travelling through Plymouth and Dartmoor Plains and over to Salisbury Plains she was fortunate to visit Stonehenge.

Back in London she shared communion in Westminster Abbey. She was in awe of the majestic cathedral and marvelling at the history it held.

A tour of Buckingham Palace and a tour around the city followed by some shopping and a visit to Harrods ended her England tour.

Mrs Phelps then went on to highlight some of the points that the World Day of Prayer committee had presented about the three countries that had been chosen for this year.

She mentioned some of the of the features such as Wales which is rural in character with large mountains and rugged coastlines as well as large coalfields.

Northern Ireland boasts Loch Neagh with great coastlines and the spectacular Giants Causeway off the Antrim coast. England has less dramatic landscapes, but has spectacular coastline, lakes in the north and large areas of moorland and forest.

The three countries enjoy similar traditional warm and comforting foods such as stews, dumplings, hot pies and sweet puddings. Scones and jam and cream as well as fish and chips is also very popular.

A nice cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea is a typical hot drink as well as coffee which has become popular.

There is quite a history in religion in each country with beautiful ancient buildings dating back to medieval times including cathedrals and churches build by our Christian ancestors.

A small gift was presented to Jan as a thank you. An offering was collected and amounted $252 which will go to the World Day of Prayer project assisting women in those countries.

Considering the current situation in the Ukraine we remembered them displaying sunflowers which are their National Flower and signifies solidarity and resistance.

Pastor Steve Albrecht gave the final prayer and Blessing, followed by tea and biscuits shared in the church hall.