Charlton Branch of Women in Agriculture and Business look forward to 2022 programme

Charlton Branch of Women in Agriculture and Business re-convened in early March with members eager and looking forward to the year's programme.

WAB theme this year is "Looking Forward with Confidence".

Guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Neville Carlier who shared an outline of his interesting and varied life and why he could 'look forward with confidence'.

When 10 years old his family spent several years in southern India, he himself in a boys boarding school for some of this time.

He remembers they used to catch bats in the dormitory by throwing sandshoes at them, and using kits from school dissected them.

An enquiring mind in the medical field was emerging. Dr. Carlier completed his schooling back in Adelaide, pursued Medical training and married his wife Meredith.

After graduating he worked in Papua New Guinea, spent a year of study in Israel and six years in rural South African hospitals among Zulus and Vha-Venda.

It was a time of much unrest in the country and apartheid was coming to an end. Doctors faced very real danger & he shared some of these.

On returning to Australia the family (two children were born in Africa) came to Eyre Peninsula where Dr. Carlier worked eleven years at Investigator Clinic before 'burn out' forced a redirection in his life.

The next ten years were spent as a Locum visiting remote Aboriginal communities.

He concluded by saying there are many sources of information on the best way to live our lives but he himself has gone to the Bible which has enabled him to step out of his comfort zone into less pleasant places to help those in need; to see his faults and accept that he cannot fix them without help from 'The Unseen One Who Is'; and to not lose hope even if life takes an unpleasant turn.

He is 'Looking Forward with Confidence'.