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New name for family business with a rich historyAdvertising Feature

Three generations: Young Steve Paleologoudias with his father, Nick, and grandfather, Kon. Photos: Supplied

Venus Bay in South Australia is known for its crystal-clear waters, dramatic coastline, beautiful beaches and of course, its seafood.

It is no secret that the fish taste better on the Eyre Peninsula, so it was no surprise when third-generation prawn fisherman Steve Paleologoudias (Paul) told us that the prawns do too.

Born and raised in Port Kenny, Steve cut his teeth on FV Bosanquet Bay, which proudly sits in the water at the Venus Bay jetty.

Taught the ropes by his father Nick, his uncles and grandfather Kon, fishing is not only in his blood, but it is also his passion.

Steve's grandfather, Kon Paul, immigrated to Australia in the 1950s with nothing to his name.

It was on the West Coast that he met his wife Margarita and set out to build a business and a life for his future family.

Fast forward to the 90s, Kon had established the Kon Paul & Sons brand in the booming fishing industry, with his sons John, Nick and Terry each taking their places within the business.

New branding: Steve with the new packaging. Photo: Supplied

When FV Bosanquet Bay was purchased in 2001, Nick took the helm while also continuing to work actively in the Spencer Gulf and West Coast Prawn Association, the Elliston community and working to take over the managerial reins from Kon.

In 2015, Steve skippered his first night in the wheelhouse aboard FV Bosanquet Bay, a role in which he has remained ever since.

In 2019, a devastating blow was dealt to the Paleologoudias family when Nick suddenly passed away, with Kon passing shortly after - leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered by all who knew them, and many who did not.

In the shattering absence of Nick and Kon, Steve was no longer just the captain of FV Bosanquet Bay, but also the Onshore Manager, Sales Representative, Administrator, and Bookkeeper.

After settling into his new roles, he set out to create his branch of the Kon Paul & Sons business into something that his father and grandfather could look down on with pride.

"To me, Venus Bay Prawns symbolises a new era for my family," Steve said.

"After the years of hard work put in by my father and grandfather, it feels like the business has had a refresh while honouring the history of the Kon Paul & Sons brand.

Prawns are caught in deep water and snap frozen for freshness. Photo: Supplied

"What makes our brand so special is not only the family history that it comes with, but the unique prawns that we catch," he said.

If you have ever been to Venus Bay or surrounding areas, you will have quickly been informed that the Western King Prawns that call this area home have a flavour and texture like no other.

"The grounds we fish are the only oceanic fishing grounds in the state," Steve said.

"This means our prawns grow in some of the coldest, deepest waters in the Great Australian Bight.

"The prawns are snap frozen at -50 degrees after being hand graded, assuring they retain that crisp texture and clean, salty flavour.

"You only have to ask someone who has tried one, and they will tell you that there is no comparison," he said.

In current times, sustainability is key.

Venus Bay Prawns recently made several packaging and production changes in an effort to go green. Photo: Supplied

Aside from several packaging and production initiatives that Venus Bay Prawns has recently adopted in an effort to go green, the West Coast Prawn Fishery is also heavily regulated to maintain stocks for years to come.

Steve expressed that his business is ultimately aiming for carbon neutrality over the next decade, with his team working towards adopting more environmentally friendly practices and products.

"Our fishing grounds consist of kilometres of flat, bare sand," Steve said.

"This makes a perfect home for the prawns, while keeping our footprint on the seascape minimal and limiting the by-catch to small, manageable numbers that are able to be quickly returned to the water.

"We are passionate about supporting local businesses, which is why we ultimately used Cohere Creative, and The Visual Collective to undergo our facelift in the months leading up to launching our rebrand, as well as featuring photographs taken by Hayden Richards (SA Rips) throughout our website.

"My wife, Natasha, then spent hours cultivating the written passages and curating the images to get it to where it is now," he said.

Upon scrolling through their newly launched website and socials, the time and effort that Steve and his team have put in is evident - the aim of doing justice to Kon Paul & Sons, as well as the prawns that it fishes, being accomplished.

A new name and a new look, with the same unrivalled product that locals know and love.

For more information about Venus Bay Prawns, go to www.venusbayprawns.com or find them on social media.

The Western King Prawns that call this area home have a flavour and texture like no other. Photo: Supplied