Purifiers, improved classroom ventilation part of COVID safe strategy in Port Lincoln

Purifiers for Port Lincoln schools and improved classroom ventilation will be part of a statewide effort to reduce possible spread of COVID-19 in term two.

Minister for Education Blair Boyer said the government was taking steps to ensure a less COVID-19- interrupted term two in comparison to term one.

He said term one had been "incredibly" disrupted by the virus,with feedback that South Australian schools had been impacted more than elsewhere in the country.

"I do not want to see us sending schools or classrooms home for remote learning and to prevent that we have kept the rule around masks for the first four weeks," he said.

"We have just purchased an extra 1000 air purifiers which we have already rolled out 750 of those across South Australia including regional areas to make sure that our schools that need more purifiers can get them."

Mr Boyer said the government had been making a number of plans, undertaking extensive remediation works, to provide natural ventilation where possible.

"We are being told that is the best thing to stop the spread of COVID-19 in a classroom with natural ventilation - but in those spots where we cannot do that we know the air purifier can actually play an important role."

Mr Boyer said the government would reassess the current rules around masks at the end of the four week period.

"We are currently basically half way through week two - we have looked at what the daily numbers are fingers crossed they stay like they are currently which is much lower than term 1 and we can get a lot of that remediation work in classrooms done and get the purifiers rolled out," he said.

"Touch wood we will be in a position at the end of those four weeks to review the decision and then hopefully remove masks for everybody."